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A Machine learning-assisted platform that tackles your most sophisticated and subjective use cases

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Supervised vs. Unsupervised Machine Learning

We show you how to capture competitive advantage with either approach

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We asked data scientists about their ML project challenges

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Data Labeling Platform That Learns From Humans

Alegion provides the most comprehensive data labeling solution. It augments human intelligence with machine learning to provide unparalleled accuracy and speed, especially with highly subjective use cases.


Global Workforce

Alegion’s flexible workforce approach accommodates your specific risk and price tolerances. We can assemble the exact workforce your project requires, or we can work with yours.


Machine Learning Data Expertise

Whether you want to get your hands dirty or leave it all to the experts, it’s your choice. Either way, Alegion's service team brings experience and best practices that ensure that your training data is of the highest quality.

ml expertise

Accurate Training Data at Scale For Every Major Machine Learning Discipline

Model training never stops, and neither do we

Alegion adds value at every stage of your project


Data Annotation

We enrich your data to convert them into large-scale training datasets using a combination of machine learning and human judgement.

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Model Validation

We help evaluate the accuracy of your model at every training stage via API data exchange, improving confidence with every iteration.

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Exception Handling

After deployment, we help you to improve your model’s performance through human-assisted, real-time exception handling of edge cases.

What our customers have to say


Chief Commercial Officer, IAA Inc.

Alegion's annotation tools, machine learning assistance, and quality control strategies have greatly improved confidence in our AI initiatives.

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