About Alegion

We are a very human AI company

We Are The Fortune 1,000's ML Training Data Partner

You know our clients. You know their logos. They are the world’s most influential companies, and they are making huge, strategic bets on machine learning. They come to us because:


We handle their complexity and scale with speed and accuracy

Our data labeling platform is unmatched

We have deep training data and ML project expertise

We have a vision for AI

AI Will Be a Global Job Creation Engine

Make no mistake, we are proud of the role we play in helping enterprises to redefine their businesses—and our world—through AI. But we are equally committed to capitalizing on AI’s growth to create new, meaningful, and sustainable work opportunities around the world.

We bring deep enterprise technology solutions experience

AI is relatively new. Not new is the care and discipline that enterprise technology deployments demand. From top to bottom, across every team, we are deep in enterprise IT and data science experience.

Data Scientists
Product Managers
Customer Success Managers
UX Designers
Account Managers
Solution Engineers
Quality Control Auditors
Community Managers
Global Impact Managers

The proof lies in the incomparable stable of clients we have the privilege to serve, and the crazy-high Net Promoter Score® they have awarded us.

Net Promoter Score®

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We are in Austin, and Austin is in us

Alegion is headquartered in Austin, TX, and it’s a special place. Every other person is a musician or an artist, which makes for an amazingly creative and collaborative environment. Austin’s tech community is exploding, attracting the best talent from everywhere, and the city is at the top of every “Best Places to Live” list. Why does this matter? Because we are where we live. And in Austin this is what we are: energetic, innovative, productive, generous, and happy.

We are in Austin, and Austin is in us

Experience The Gold Standard For Data Labeling

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