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Our Ecosystem of Partners Supports Robust Data Labeling Solutions for Machine Learning


When done right, data labeling is a process completed in collaboration with other technology and workforce providers. Individually, each company excels in a discrete stage of the data preparation process. Together, Alegion and leading AI providers can deliver a data labeling strategy that is elegant, comprehensive, and completely optimized for your use case.

Data Stack Partners


Lightly is an advanced, ML-driven data curation platform that intelligently simplifies the selection of data to label for computer vision projects. Through our partnership with Lightly, Alegion has integrated advanced data curation into the workflow, allowing you to seamlessly select the best subset of data for your labeling project. Based on the parameters you chose, Lightly will optimize your dataset for the highest model accuracy. The integration with Lightly helps you remove redundancies and keep your dataset diversified. Lightly’s data curation platform is seamlessly integrated with Alegion to ensure your data preparation process is as efficient as possible.


Premise is a leading on-demand insights platform that provides support for Alegion customers who do not have enough data to begin their ML project. With a global reach of over 135 countries, Premise can capture millions of images or videos, along with classification data, according to customers’ detailed instructions. Examples may include bridges, license plates, billboards, road signs, and in-store product placements and pricing. The Premise team ensures that all data captured conforms to quality and collection standards, and that the collection process matches a customer’s geographic and diversity requirements. Working with Alegion and Premise together offers a streamlined approach to data collection and data labeling.


KUNGFU.AI is an AI services firm that helps clients accelerate their AI journey through strategy, engineering, and operations Alegion and KUNGFU.AI’s partnership ensures each project is designed, architected, built, and deployed with the highest caliber of confidence. This approach seeks to define a company’s place in the marketplace for years to come. Together, Alegion data annotation provides the foundation for machine learning models while KUNGFU.AI ensures your AI solution is optimized for success..

Ecosystem Partners


Intel AI Builders Member
Intel has partnered with Alegion to provide data annotation capabilities within the Intel® AI Builders program. This partnership enables Intel enterprise end users to access Alegion’s data labeling services as a pre-vetted, technical enablement resource. This partnership furthers Intel and Alegion’s mutual goal of accelerating the adoption of artificial intelligence in the enterprise.


Trove is a Microsoft platform that has approved Alegion as an official data collection partner. Official partners must meet Trove’s ethical standards for worker treatment. Trove fosters responsible data collection by connecting developers directly with the individuals who contribute to their projects. Since Trove users specify requirements with descriptions of the project and example images, users can collect higher quality images and only pay for ones that meet their standards. Trove developers use Alegion to source skilled annotators for projects.

Platform Partners


AWS Technology Partner
Alegion works closely with AWS customers to provide enterprise data labeling solutions that accelerate their machine learning initiatives. An Amazon APN Technology Partner, Alegion provides software solutions that are hosted on and integrated with the AWS Cloud. In addition to seamless platform hosting and file transfers, Amazon customers can access Alegion data annotation services via the AWS Marketplace.


Microsoft Partner
Alegion works closely with Microsoft customers to bring machine learning solutions to the enterprise. As a Microsoft Partner, Alegion integrates its platform with Microsoft’s cloud storage for seamless and secure data transfers. For customers who need to stay within the Microsoft storage ecosystem, Alegion is ready to transfer millions of annotations with ease.


Google Cloud Partner
Alegion provides integrations to Google Cloud to help Google customers transform their businesses with innovative machine learning solutions. For customers who need an alternative bucket storage option, we offer dedicated support through Google Cloud sync. Using this file hosting system, Alegion can ensure that any work can be transferred and configured into Google customers’ technology stacks without extra logistics work.

Workforce Partners


Alegion Global Workforce
The Alegion Global Workforce (AGW) are individuals who contract directly with Alegion. These skilled workers are trained and managed directly by Alegion project management teams and maintain a long-term relationship with us. Alegion has partnered with government agencies to create specialized certification programs for data labeling and many of those who complete this training become members of the AGW.


Alegion Impact Centers
Alegion has established Impact Centers, which are local work and training centers we have established to create opportunities for underserved communities. Our centers in Cairo, Egypt and Pader, Uganda, provide a safe and supportive work environment with local annotation managers for on-the-ground coaching and annotation guidance.


Impact Sourcing Providers
Extending our global workforce, we partner with companies that skill their workers in computer vision and natural language processing annotation tasks using the Alegion platform. We certify that each of our partners offers dignified working conditions and fair compensation. One such provider, Stepwise, is a certified B Corporation, employing individuals from underserved Kenyan communities in order to meet the highest verified Kenyan standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.


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