Alegion Powers Machine Learning by Building Better Data

Why Choose Alegion?

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Alegion is the data labeling solution for enterprise-grade Machine Learning. We lead the industry in streaming, high-resolution, high-density video annotation, delivering accurately annotated, model-ready data to train and validate ML models.


Alegion provides both the platform and workforce to operate with quality at scale, processing structured and unstructured data including video, image, audio, and text. Our platform supports complex use cases, powered by robust ontologies and relationships. Alegion operates at the intersection of machine and human intelligence. We are one of the few companies that are building advanced tools for annotation as well as developing and managing a skilled workforce to deliver an integrated solution for your ML data labeling.

alegion checkmark 120sq We Deliver Quality Data

  • Are you getting the quality you were promised when you signed up with your provider? We consistently work with extremely tight quality targets and determine how to scale data production without sacrificing quality.

alegion checkmark 120sq We Offer Concierge-Style Service, No Matter Your Size

  • With Alegion, you get a provider that offers services tailored to your needs, with care and attention to data labeling projects of all sizes.
  • Our dedicated Customer Service team takes a hands-on approach, providing consulting and oversight at every stage of the labeling process.
  • We offer a Technical Account Manager (TAM) service which gives you an Alegion team member who acts as an extension of your team, bringing deep knowledge of the Alegion platform. Your TAM will consult with you and help you build the optimum workflow for your needs.

alegion checkmark 120sq We Move Quickly

  • We understand the necessity of consistent and responsive communication between your team and ours to move data projects forward at speed and scale.

alegion checkmark 120sq Our Platform Capabilities Are Unmatched


alegion checkmark 120sq Seamless Processes

  • As we develop the platform, configure it, and operate it we can deliver an unparalleled level of guidance for efficiency and achieving expected outcomes, customization to your use case, etc.

alegion checkmark 120sq How We Deliver the Alegion Experience


Both Alegion Control (self-service) and the Alegion Managed Platform (scalable global workforce) offer an unmatched customer service experience and, with our expertise and industry-leading platform, will ensure the success of your next project every step of the way.