Industry Leading Computer Vision Data Annotation

Alegion Control

Annotate Your Video and Image Data With Complete End-To-End Control

The Most Powerful Data Labeling Platform for Video

Responsive annotation experience at any length, resolution, frame rate, or scale

  • 4K Streaming Video - No need to downsample or perform pre/post-processing
  • Native Video Annotation - Avoid errors introduced from splitting videos into images or small clips as other annotation platforms require
  • Smooth Playback - Fast playback, fluid scrubbing, and annotation synchronization reduce annotation and review effort

Efficient Tooling, Built for Speed

Reduce labeling time by as much as 80% through enhanced UX & ML-driven automation

  • Unmatched UX - Purpose-built and tested for video, UX is more than 30% faster
  • Smart Automation - Interpolation, ML powered object tracking, and SmartPoly one-click segmentation reduce manual annotations by 50%
  •  Smooth Playback - Fast playback and and annotation synchronization reduce annotation and review effort
  • Built With Quality in Mind - Timeline view and classification search reduces worker cognitive load and accelerates quality review

Comprehensive Project Management

Supports complex labeling needs and large-scale collaboration

  • Rich Ontology Support - Quickly configure taxonomies and entity relationships and reuse across projects
  • Video Asset Management - Easily and securely reuse data assets across multiple projects with different ontologies and annotation guidelines
  • Built-in Quality Control - Monitor progress through built-in review workflow and projected record confidence based on configurable review scoring

Alegion Control provides data science teams direct access to a powerful video and image annotation platform. Leverage industry-leading video annotation capabilities and self-manage every aspect of your annotation project from ontology definition to exporting data. It’s perfect for data science teams looking for the speed, tooling, flexibility, and quality they need to quickly annotate their video data. With the power of Alegion Control you can reduce labeling time by as much as 80%.Alegion Control is more than a standalone annotation tool. Built on the Alegion platform, small, internally run, annotation projects can be expanded to external labeling teams or Alegon’s managed labeling services quickly and easily. With Alegion Control you get simplicity and agility when data science teams experiment, and access to full managed services with expert annotators when projects scale beyond your internal capacity.

Third party annotation providers and BPOs also leverage Control. With its best of breed image and video annotation, Control enables any team to take on the most challenging computer vision annotation projects, and complete them at greater speed and lower cost.

Tackle your CV annotation projects with ease. Alegion Control enables you to quickly configure projects, define roles, load assets, and start annotating. Rapidly iterate and validate on your most complex use cases - with the first 150 annotation hours on us.

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We Work Across Multiple Industries

We work across many vertical markets and would love a chance to discuss some of our use cases. Recent projects include:

Industries-Retail-iStock-174698425_done Retail shopper behavior monitoring
ML_CV-TVision-use-case Television viewer behavior monitoring
Keypoint-Polygon-iStock-488579094_done Sport, motion and activity pose analysis
Platform-Multimodal-Annotation-Traffic-resized Drone-based traffic mapping and monitoring
iStock-859445768_done-resized-1 Drone-based visual damage assessment
iStock-660445508_done-resized-1 Factory activity and event monitoring
Medical Procedure Annotated Medical procedure video assessment
ML_CV-Amazon-Prime-use-case-iStock-183375303 Property surveillance and security monitoring