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Whether you are a managed services customer, SaaS user, or one of our internal annotators, this collection of helpful resources should contain all of the information necessary you needed.

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What data types can your platform annotate?

We can annotate all major types of video, raster image, audio, and text data. Common formats include MP4, MOV, WEBM, GIF, PNG, HEIC, TIFF, GIF, TXT, M4A, and MP3. If files are not compatible, we can validate and convert files to the appropriate annotation format without losing quality. Learn more about our video formats with our video annotation types documentation.

What is included in your full service package?

Alegion Managed Services is a start-to-finish service including annotation strategy, workflow set-up, workforce recruitment and training, data labeling, ongoing project calibration, and quality assurance. We help clients scale projects from concept to production in weeks to help you accelerate time to market.

Who annotates the data with Alegion Managed Services?

Our workforce is global. The Alegion Workforce works directly with us and is concentrated in Malaysia and The Philippines. We have Alegion Impact Centers in Egypt and Uganda, and also work with a Certified B Corporation in Kenya to provide economic opportunity for underrepresented populations including people with disabilities. We also work with sourcing partners in the US. No matter where our workforce is located, we ensure our workers have dignified work conditions.

Can I license your software to annotate data myself?

You can absolutely perform your own annotations with your own annotation team. Our SaaS offering, Alegion Control, allows you to run your own annotation projects from configuration through annotation and review. You can also add support service through Alegion Managed Platform, which means your team annotates the data and our customer success team configures and manages your project. Sign up for a free trial of Control or a platform demo.

How much does it cost to use the Alegion platform?

Licensing our SaaS offering, Alegion Control, starts at $5,000. You can get started with a complimentary 150 hour trial. For information on Managed Services, reach out to an Alegion sales consultant to discuss your specific requirements. You can reference our pricing information to see what is included in each service.

What security measures does Alegion provide for customer data assets?

All uploads are encrypted in transit and at rest. Additionally, Alegion follows a “least privilege” approach for employees, ensuring that employees only have access to systems and information applicable to their job function. Additionally, all employees are under confidentiality agreements and must undergo security training. Third-party vendors are required to meet security compliance requirements. For more information, view our documentation on secure access of digital assets.

On average, how long will it take to finish an annotation project using your Managed Services offering?

When using Alegion Managed Services—where we provide strategic project management, workforce recruitment and training, and quality assurance—the delivery timeline varies. Typically, a project takes 1-2 weeks to set up, then our annotators can deliver up to one million annotations in one month, depending on your project requirements and budget. For a large retail project, we delivered three million annotations in four months, including project setup, calibration, and review.

What certifications does Alegion have?

We are currently compliant in SOC 2 Type 1. We are currently working towards GDPR as well as SOC 2 Type 2.

How can I integrate with the Alegion platform?

We offer flexible integration with the Alegion platform for easy import and export. You can use APIs to upload and share assets as well as export data from your projects. We also offer storage bucket integration with services like AWS S3, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure to allow for asset sharing and data return. Integration type is determined based on client preference and project type.

What distinguishes Alegion from other data labeling services?

In short:

  • Our proprietary annotation platform excels at handling video annotation and was built by in-house video processing experts. We can stream videos of any resolution and length without breaking up videos into frames or decreasing quality. Videos can be densely annotated without slowing down or breaking the editor.

  • Across computer vision applications for video and image, we can support dense and complex labeling requirements with complex and dynamic classifications and relationships.

For more information, you can visit our Support Center.