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Integrating machine and human intelligence

Training data for Fortune 1000 ML Projects

Regardless of your industry, we configure our platform and tooling to meet your unique requirements, providing you with high-quality data that accelerates your ML project.


Fortune 1000 retailers are creating competitive advantages through ML by leveraging Alegion-annotated data to power everything from cashier-less checkouts to inventory control, support chatbots, and product recommendations.


Robotics & Drones

Our ability to support very complex computer vision use cases has led to our involvement in projects involving autonomous drones in national security contexts, drone-based assessment of storm damage, agricultural soil preparation and harvesting decision-making, and a host of others.


Financial Services

Our platform can process text in form of documents, transcripts, and handwritten text as well as audio recordings, and return structured and annotated data for credit analysis, audits, and fraud detection. Our CV capabilities have been instrumental in the development of autonomous damage assessment and claims adjustment systems.

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From robotics automation to preventative maintenance and quality control, our labeling platform has supplied high quality data to accelerate ML applications across various manufacturing use cases with a high degree of complexity.

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Through our annotator training curriculum, quality control, and process transparency, healthcare agencies rely on Alegion to quality data to train ML models for medical diagnosis, anomaly detection, and patient data management without depending on domain experts for all the data labeling.



Training autonomous vehicles requires huge volumes of extremely accurate labeled and annotated data. Our pixel-level segmentation accelerates detailed annotations for these applications, and our platform is purpose-built for enormous scale.

Semantic Segmentation


Agriculture is making strategic investments in ML-driven systems that monitor and manage everything related to planting, growing and harvesting. We’ve played a role in everything from identifying rocks in aerial images of fields to determining when berries are ready for picking.

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Energy is an infrastructure-intensive sector where the ability to match supply and demand is critical. Organizations wanting to leverage ML’s predictive capabilities have relied on Alegion for systems as diverse as smokestack discharge analysis and preventive maintenance.

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How Alegion Delivers Across Industries and Use Cases

Human + ML Scalability

As your model evolves your training data needs can grow exponentially. As this happens we’re able to exchange machine judgment for human judgment, and scale your data pipelines for model training, validation and ongoing monitoring. We can give you the best of human and machine intelligence.

ML Best Practices

Few enterprises in any industry have deployed production machine learning systems. We, on the other hand, have engaged in numerous projects, involving an assortment of use cases and machine learning disciplines, across every major industry. We bring this project expertise to every customer engagement.

Configurable Platform

Our platform is built to handle subjective and complex labeling requirements, which lets us custom-configure your project’s tasks, annotation tools, and quality management workflows to meet your precise needs.

Experience Offloading 100% of Your Training Data Workload

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