Image and Video Annotation for Computer Vision

Help machines see as humans do through high-accuracy data labeling at scale


Teaching a Computer to See is a Complex and Painstaking Task

Computer vision algorithms need extraordinary volumes of labeled data to make sense of the visual world. The speed and accuracy with which your system learns to navigate the world are directly correlated to the quality of your training data. By improving data labeling accuracy through small batch testing and continuous iteration, Alegion enables customers to develop high performing CV models and greater opportunities for feature and product differentiation.

Computer Vision Capabilities

Our platform supports project-specific tool and task configurations to optimize labeling accuracy and throughput for image and video data points.

Keypoint, Polygon, Bounding Box Annotation

Our teams can utilize multiple tools within a single task to expedite annotations, pixel-level segmentation, and classification of objects into complex taxonomies.


Object Detection and Classification

Every instance of an object can be captured and accurately classified into your predefined taxonomy—even in low-res, complex images and videos.

Object Detection and Classification Final iStock-966651884.jpg_done

ML-Augmented Video Object Tracking

By applying and evaluating multiple algorithmic models, we enhance our annotators’ ability to scale object tracking in high-density video compositions.


Parts ID and Landmark Detection

We can create keypoints for landmark or parts identification, and tag them with your custom classes.


Instance & Semantic Segmentation

Pixel-level segmentation accelerates detailed annotations for biomedical, retail automation, and autonomous vehicle applications.


Actions and Interaction Identification

We can detect semantic relationships among picture elements in order to develop context and identify actions in images and videos.

Actions and Interactions Identification IA_keyframes_shopping (2)


Agriculture is making strategic investments in ML-driven systems that monitor and manage everything related to planting, growing and harvesting. We’ve played a role in everything from identifying rocks in aerial images of fields to determining when berries are ready for picking.


Energy is an infrastructure-intensive sector where the ability to match supply and demand is critical. Organizations wanting to leverage ML’s predictive capabilities have relied on Alegion for systems as diverse as smokestack discharge analysis and preventive maintenance.

Leverage Our Data Labeling Expertise

Train your CV model with large-scale, custom-labeled datasets without the burden of building or acquiring labeling tools, finding and curating a qualified workforce, or managing a large-scale data annotation project. Shorten your time to ROI and mitigate the risks of sub-par model performance with high quality data, annotated and validated by a combination of task-trained human annotators and ML-enhanced tools.


Leverage Human Judgment at Scale

Shorten your time to ROI and mitigate the risks of sub-par model performance with high quality data, annotated and validated by a combination of task-trained human annotators and ML-enhanced tools.


Accelerate projects with Human and AI

Make decisions more quickly and with more confidence by relying on our platform to integrate the best of human and machine intelligence. Higher accuracy and fewer cycles mean a faster time to value for ML initiatives.


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We first tried to do this by ourselves—a bad idea. We’re clearly not an annotation shop.

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