The Alegion Labeling Platform

A powerful labeling platform for all stages and types of ML development.

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Automated Selection with SmartPoly

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We leverage a suite of industry-leading computer vision algorithms to automatically detect and classify the content of your images and videos.


Creating detailed segmentation information is a time-consuming process.  Machine assistance speeds up task completion by as much as 70%, saving you both time and money.

Pre-labeling Using ML



We leverage ML to propose labels that accelerate human labeling. This includes computer vision models to automatically detect, localize, and classify entities in your images and videos before handing off the task to our workforce.


Automatic labelling reduces workforce costs and allows annotators  to spend their time on the more complicated steps of the annotation process.

Native 4K Video Annotation



Our video annotation tool is built to handle 4K resolution and long-running videos natively and provides innovative features like interpolation, object proposal, and entity resolution. 


Complex and long-running video annotation projects are completed in less time because annotators can localize entities across hundreds of frames with just a few clicks. Click here to learn more about Video Annotation

Quality Control and Customer Review

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Spot-check work, measure quality, and provide feedback all from within the platform. 


It's critical to identify potential issues early-on. Close the loop between your team and ours by providing feedback in real time. 

Depth and Breadth



Our platform is highly configurable with annotation for video, image, text classification, and NER. All include support for conditional logic, deep classification taxonomies, and tracking of entity and object relationships.  


Whether your team is experimenting with ML projects to prove ROI or operationalizing ML for wide-scale use, our platform has you covered. There's no need to learn and manage different tools for different ML labeling needs or degrees of complexity. 

Experience Offloading 100% of Your Training Data Workload

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