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Data Labeling for Enterprise AI & ML Experimentation

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How Alegion Does Quality White paper

Choosing a platform white paper

Choosing a platform Checklist

The Cost of Poorly Labeled Data White paper


A Step-by-Step Guide to Quality Training Data for Computer Vision

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How Alegion Stacks Up Against the VA Competition

Active Learning: What it is & How Alegion Does it

Part 3: Building a Video Annotation Platform

Part 2: Building a Video Annotation Platform


Princeton's WordNet

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Yelp's Open Dataset

Data dot gov


YouTube 8-M


Grokking Machine Learning with Luis Serrano

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ML Experimentation - Fail Fast, Learn Faster

AI & ML in the 2010s

NeurIPS 2019 Review - Insider's Guide

Data Science for Business - How to Build a Kickass Team