White Papers

High Quality Training Data in Computer Vision

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Stacking Up Video Annotation

Active Learning

Building a Video Annotation Platform Part 3

Building a Video Annotation Platform Part 2


Pixel Tolerance vs. IOU - Which One Should You Use for Quality Training Data?

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Responsible AI: How to Mitigate Bias in Your Training Data

Alegion Teams with Malaysian Government Agency to Expand ML Workforce Opportunities

Welcome to The Keypoint

Investment Banking Veteran and Software Market Strategist Jonathan Price Joins Alegion’s Board of Directors


Princeton's WordNet

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Yelp's Open Dataset

Data dot gov


YouTube 8-M


Grokking Machine Learning with Luis Serrano

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ML Experimentation - Fail Fast, Learn Faster

AI & ML in the 2010s

NeurIPS 2019 Review - Insider's Guide

Data Science for Business - How to Build a Kickass Team