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The expertise, workforce, and proven methodologies to deliver quality labeling at scale.

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The Alegion Approach

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We support you throughout the lifecycle of your project by assigning an Alegion solutions specialist to your engagement. Our specialist understands your project goals, and applies proven methodologies and best practices to deliver your solution through our platform.


Machine learning project expertise is in short supply, and no two projects are exactly alike. Data labeling requires precision but shouldn't require your data science team's time.

Workforce Options



We draw globally from pools of on-demand data specialists to satisfy your project requirements, including any security constraints your data may demand. We use our platform to screen your workforce for skills, qualifications, and prior performance, and to train them on your tasks.

We can meet your specific skill or certification requirements (e.g., HIPAA, PCI) or your demographic constraints (e.g., US citizens, US geolocated). Additionally, we can surround your workforce with varying layers of physical security.


Sensitivity to price and risk vary with source content, regulatory exposure, and internal policies. Alegion employs a flexible workforce approach that accommodates your specific risk and price tolerances. We will assemble the exact workforce your project requires, or you can always use your own.

From Design To Delivery

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The Alegion platform can securely connect to your object store in all major cloud providers or data can be transferred via API or file-sharing services. Your dedicated solutions specialist will configure the annotation tooling and workflow, run small batch testing to validate output quality with you, then distribute the tasks at scale. We support all popular data export formats and can tailor the output to your needs.


With our platform, there is no need for you to design, code, and test your annotation tasks and workflows. We collaborate with you to build a QA strategy, validate the approach, and continuously optimize labeling accuracy.

Experience Offloading 100% of Your Training Data Workload

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