We Put Quality and Customer Service First

Alegion Managed Services: Our Approach

Alegion Managed Services is an end-to-end, tailored data annotation service for data science teams that need to scale and offload data annotation work to a matrixed team of professionals. We stand out from our competition on cost, quality, and customer service.


We build quality into our service by collaborating closely with customers at every step of the process. In the discovery phase, we can build a classification ontology and annotation strategy that meets your precise project requirements. In the annotation review process, our software automatically uses worker scoring through graded annotation tasks. If our platform flags quality issues from an annotator, our trainers help guide the annotator back to quality standards.

Mission-Centric Customer Service

Our team knows that machine learning projects are investments in the future of tech. That’s why every Alegion team member is passionate about their role in the future of AI to advance humanity’s wellbeing, safety, and prosperity. Our data experts and project managers work closely with customers to address issues and provide updates. From project setup through successful completion, Alegion’s Managed Services workforce is ready to help customers launch their deep learning projects.


Cost-Efficient Annotation

Alegion delivers thousands of annotations quickly and cost-effectively through a combination of annotator training, intuitive annotation workflows, and an intelligent software platform with tools to increase annotation efficiency.

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