Offload Millions of Hours of Labeling

Alegion Managed Services: Our Workforce

Alegion Managed Services allows data science teams to offload millions of hours of data labeling work to our highly skilled annotation workforce. When we bring on your project, we match your work to the right professionals. Your Alegion team includes project managers, data engineers, quality assurance specialists, and highly skilled annotators.

Depending on your project size, we’ll recruit dozens to hundreds of annotators who are committed to the project from start to finish. This builds in consistency and quality since annotators are aligned with any changes in project requirements and continued optimizations.

Pre-trained Professional Annotators

Many of our workers come from IT-enablement academies, who are then recruited via our global impact sourcing partners or directly from the Alegion Global Workforce. These workers are pre-trained in computer vision and natural language processing tasks, as well as the advanced use of the Alegion platform. Workers are then trained to understand the specific nuances of each client project, and must qualify for each project based on high-accuracy threshold tasks.

Productivity on a Global Scale

Our workforce can scale up to over one million skilled data labeling specialists in the US and across the globe. Our major workforce partners are currently based in Kenya, Malaysia, Egypt, and India. Project-specific requirements for languages, certifications, clearances, and subject matter expertise can all be sourced to meet your requirements. We work with annotators in the US for any federal and healthcare projects that require ITAR, EAR, GDPR, and SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance.

Reviewing Work for Guaranteed Quality

Throughout the annotation process, we constantly monitor and optimize annotator performance with in-platform gold scoring and reviewer scoring. As annotations are submitted, clients can use the Alegion Review Portal to review and accept the annotations. Through a combination of in-platform scoring, Alegion quality control, customer review, and continuous project calibration, our annotation workforce is prepared to deliver at the scale and quality that your project requires.

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