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Annotating Data at Scale Involves a Lot of Human Judgment

Data labeling requires precision but shouldn't require your data science team.



Enterprise datasets are typically company-confidential, potentially requiring background checks and NDAs for people who work with the data.



The nature of the data may require controlled facilities, limited desktops or specific authorizations (eg HIPPA).



Finally, some data labeling and annotation tasks may require particular skills or training.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Our customers' sensitivity to price and risk vary with their source content, regulatory exposure, and internal policies. Alegion employs a flexible workforce approach that accommodates your specific risk and price tolerances. We will assemble the exact workforce your project requires, or you can always use your own.

Alegion Workforce

We draw globally from pools of on-demand data specialists to satisfy your project requirements, including any security constraints your data may demand. We use our platform to screen your workforce for skills, qualifications, and prior performance, and to train them on your tasks.

We can meet your specific skill or certification requirements (e.g., HIPAA, PCI) or your demographic constraints (e.g., US citizens, US geolocated). Additionally, we can surround your workforce with varying layers of physical security.


Alegion Government Collaborations

We partner with international government agencies that focus on job creation within constituencies lacking viable economic opportunities.

This program makes it possible for governments to provide training and work opportunities to population segments that lack access to traditional jobs or have become disenfranchised due to technology disruption, natural disasters, or other economic disadvantages.

If you are interested in investigating a potential workforce collaboration with Alegion, please email us at

Alegion Impact Workforces

Through the Alegion Impact Program we partner with qualifying non-profit organizations around the world to deliver equipment, training, and work opportunities. We have created a template for setting up physical worker training centers, and providing access to work on the Alegion Marketplace.

For more information on the Alegion Impact Program, go here.

Your Own Workforce

You may already have your own data specialists who can apply human judgment to training data.

If so, we’ll assign them labeling and annotation tasks on our Data Labeling Platform. We’ll also track their performance and ensure the quality of your training data.

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