Data Labeling for Retail

Retail AI at Work

The increase in data available to global retailers has unlocked new opportunities to create safer, smarter customer experiences for shoppers. Online and traditional retail companies have turned to Alegion for a variety of use cases around theft, customer behavior analysis, frictionless check out, and time-based product demand created by shopping surges. Alegion helps the retail industry generate actionable insights by annotating complex use cases at scale.


Alegion works as an extension of your team to provide the data preparation expertise and annotation technology necessary for high-quality training data across retail use-cases. In one use case, we annotated products in video footage to prevent shoplifting at self-checkout. We also delivered a complete taxonomy classification for a home improvement company to help their inventory management. For each use case, Alegion developed custom workflows for workers to annotate millions of video frames, while our labeling experts ensured alignment to customer quality and timeline requirements.

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