Data Labeling for Sports

Sports AI at Work

The sports industry is innovating by incorporating machine learning into live broadcast game and practice day footage. This is changing the way athletes assess their performance, how coaches improve their teams, how real-time reporting is delivered, and how sports organizations, sports media, and fans make predictions. With careful and comprehensive annotation guidance from our machine learning experts, Alegion can build the foundation for pose estimation models to generate more accurate and reliable insights. If you need to scale up, our workforce is highly qualified to deliver millions of annotations just in time for the next major league kickoff.


Alegion can process the large amounts of raw data obtained from broadcast feeds and video footage to help turn them into actionable insights for teams looking for performance enhancements. Our powerful labeling software provides detailed human pose key point labels, visualizations, and classifications. A global analysis firm has used Alegion to generate tailored insights to its customers with detailed annotations of individual players, even when video frames contain overlapping players and visual noise.

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