Why Alegion?

We are the ML training data solution for the Fortune 1000

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Enterprises Choose Alegion for Three Reasons

Only Alegion provides a complete, full-service training data solution, with a true data annotation platform, a scalable trained workforce, and a team of ML project management experts.

How It Works

Bring us your data and requirements, we’ll take care of the rest

We accelerate and de-risk your ML projects

Most of our customers try to label their own training data. The scale and complexity of managing an in-house annotation solution often overwhelms them. Nearly 80% of projects stall. We're here to help.

The Alegion Platform Tracks Everything

Our Platform Touches And Manages Every Part of Your Project

Automate annotation tasks

We Configure Annotation Tasks That Support Your Training Requirements


We Size and Curate The Right Workforce For Your Project

Automate Quality Assurance

Platform ML Watches Workers, Learns, Then Boosts Their Efficiency

Enterprise security is in our DNA

We fully understand how strenuously you guard your data and ML investments. We’ve crafted every aspect of our offering around meeting your security needs. Data encryption. Secured data transfers. Worker background checks. Badged facilities and NDAs. PCI, ITAR, HIPAA. Data custody. You may not need it all, but It’s all there.

This isn’t our first rodeo

Rockstar customer. Bet-the-business project. This is the world we work – and thrive – in. Our business is built for the enterprise. We know you have high expectations, and we expect to exceed them.

This depth of experience and confidence comes across in our customer interactions. You will feel it, too.

Any Volume of Data

Trained Data Specialists

The Accuracy You Need

Quick Turnaround

We don’t make you choose

Quality, Scale, Speed

We don’t require you to make a trade off between quality, scale, or speed. Our platform, people, and process are designed to work together to deliver high-quality data labeling.


We need to go faster


We have huge volumes of data


And we need near-perfect data quality

No Problem

Experience Offloading 100% of Your Training Data Workload

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